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Understand Your Child With DNA-MILE

DNA-based Multiple Intelligences Evaluation

Your Child’s Multiple Intelligences

Developed by Howard Gardner Developmental Psychologist & Harvard University Professor
Bodily-Kinesthetic Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence involves the whole body or parts of the body to physically interact with the environment. This intelligence also refers to the ability to process information through physical action.
Logical-MathematicalLogical-Mathematical intelligence is based on the logical and mathematical section of a person’s mind. Such people would excel in logical reasoning as well as mathematical thinking.
Musical Musical intelligence is associated with music. People who are adept at this intelligence are people who are pitch-perfect and capable of playing instruments well.
Verbal-Linguistic Verbal-linguistic intelligence associates with the word language. This intelligence is related to the word linguistic, which is the scientific study of the human language. This intelligence refers to the ability to understand, comprehend and utilise the human language.
Visual-Spatial Visual-Spatial intelligence is related to the capacity to perceive the visual world accurately, and/or perform transformations and modifications on perceptions, construct mental representations of visual information and use the representations to perform activities.
Interpersonal Interpersonal intelligence refers to the capability of a person to communicate with other people. Interpersonally, such people excel in talking to others, connecting with the people around them as well as being able to engage in conversation with people. This intelligence is the opposite of intrapersonal intelligence.
Intrapersonal Intrapersonal intelligence refers to the capability of a person that is focused on the personal growth of a human being. Intrapersonally, a person would have the ability to understand, evaluate oneself, and improve on the experience that he has gained. This intelligence is the opposite of interpersonal intelligence.

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Garden Genesis is a team of professional human genetics scientists, bioinformatics specialists and early childhood professionals who are dedicated to enhancing children’s learning effectiveness through our science and evidence-based DNA-MILE (DNA-based Multiple InteLligences Evaluation).

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DNA-MILE is a proprietary genetic assessment that empowers parents and educators with an early discovery of your child's innate and in-depth insights into what makes your child unique.

The DNA-MILE report provides insights on a child’s individual genetic makeup in relation to their multiple intelligences profile. Our report analysis highlights the child’s Multiple Intelligences Profile such as:
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic
  • Logical-Mathematical
  • Musical
  • Verbal-Linguistic
  • Visual-Spatial
  • Interpersonal
  • Intrapersonal

Utilising Illumina genotyping technology, our genetic testing’s analytical validity is 99.9%. Our proprietary algorithm analyses research-proven genetic variants and we refer to a large Asian reference database to ensure accurate results interpretation. In addition, our algorithm is proven to have high predictive validity (70-80%) for the tested intelligences.

To safeguard your personal information (“Personal Data”) from unauthorised access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, disposal or similar risks, we have implemented generally accepted standards of technology and operational security to secure all storage and transmission of Personal Data by us, and disclosing Personal Data both internally and to our authorised third party service providers and agents only on a need-to-know basis.

Our Privacy Policy complies with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 of the Singapore Statutes (“PDPA”) and applies to the access and use of Garden Genesis’s Services. You may refer to our Privacy Policy to understand how we collect, use, disclose and process any Personal Data as governed by the PDPA.

Yes. We provide complimentary video/phone consultation to help you understand your results well with our experienced consultant team.

“It's not how smart you are, but how you are smart."

- Howard Gardner