Join The Garden Genesis Ambassador Programme

Be an advocate for children through science and education learning approaches. Advance your professional development with our community.
Benefits of being an Ambassador:
✔️ Be a voice for your children ✔️ Grow as a thought leader in your industry ✔️ Share teaching strategies with The Ambassador Community
As an Ambassador, you will get:
  • 1 Free Set of DNA-MILE Standard (worth $599.00)
  • DNA-MILE report analysis based on multiple intelligences evaluation
  • Free parent and/or child workshops, classes, consultation, membership account
  • 5,000 reward points awarded to your membership account
  • 10% off for your referrals with your own Ambassador code
  • Be part of the ambassador community with other early childhood professionals
Who We Are Looking For:
  • I have knowledge of Multiple Intelligences Theory by Howard Gardner
  • I desire to make a difference in my children’s lives in my classroom and beyond
  • I seek to grow as a thought leader in my educational field or expertise
  • I aspire to accelerate my professional development with other educators
  • I am a professional in the educational industry with 3 to 5 years education or teaching experience in the early childhood sector
  • I have an active and public social media platform and presence (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin).
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